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Year 5/6 Stationery List

Texts to be purchased from the school office separate to tuition fees. (To be paid within the first week) Maths Plus text book, Maths Plus Mental and Homework book Spelling Mastery Text book at the appropriate level. This year included in the Maths pack are whiteboard markers and 10 lead pencils and a write, wipe, and swipe board.


4 A4 Books (64 pages)

3 A4 Books (96 pages)

2 48 page exercise book

1 Display Folder


1Plastic wallet type folder

2 Erasers

1 Pencil Sharpener with Shavings Container

2 Plastic Ruler in Metric only

3 Blue/black Biros

3 Red Biros

1 Coloured Pencils (12 pack)

1 Scissors – Left Handed if needed

4 Glue Stick - large

2 Highlighter Pen - 2 Colours

1 Geometry set (Box set – Celco or similar)


1 Library Bag (Can be purchased from the school) Students are only able to borrow if they have a library bag.

2 Box of Tissues (to be collected at first roll call and stored for use throughout the year)

1 Paint shirt (short sleeved men’s shirt is OK)

1 Pair Stereo Earphones

1 USB memory stick

White out is not permitted. Additional stationery can be placed in a clear & labelled plastic clip lock bag to be stored for students to use later in the year.

Please Note: All equipment is to be clearly labelled with student’s name.

Please ensure all pencils are sharpened.

All exercise books are to be covered and clearly labelled with the child’s name and subject as follows.

Exercise book: Tests, Journal

A4 Books 64 pages: Maths, Science, Christian Studies/PDHPE, Grammar,

A4 Books 96 pages: H.S.I.E and Comprehension, Writing

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