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The year 7/8 camp was awsome!  We got to know each other more and just enjoyed each others company.  The thing I liked most was the swimming and the rock pool research.


I enjoyed Mark and Bec's life stories, they really spoke to me because we can get angry and upset over the wrong thing in our lunchbox, or not getting pocket money but take every single thing you get upset or angry about and compare it to their life and you will have nothing compared to them, and if you hear their stories I bet you will cry too.


The talk with Bec was really touching, It almost made me cry when we did the forgiveness talk.  It also made me happy when I saw Dakota Douglas having a great time.  Also the waves for Body Boarding, I got so stoked when I was surfing them I forgot to keep my balance and slid off.  Overall, the camp was awesome!.


What I enjoyed on camp was swimming in the beach and listening to what Mark and Bec had to say.  I liked Mark and Bec's devotion because it was really inspiring to see what they came through to where they are now.


I loved the swimming at the Lagoon and the Sandon.  I also loved how Bec and Mark came to talk to us about their past and God.  I also enjoyed getting to know everyone better.  I loved all of it!


The thing I really enjoyed about the Year 7/8 Camp was when Bec gave her testimony and how she had an extremely hard life.  I was surprised that someone with a life that tough could ever turn to God.  But obviously God can do everything.  I also got to become closer to my friends and have a good early morning surf and fish.


I really enjoyed how people got along with each other and no one really disagreed.  Also, that we had some amazing speakers that could just share their testimony and speak into our lives.      

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