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To whom it may concern:

We currently have our two youngest children enrolled at St Andrew’s Christian School.

St Andrews has provided these two children and three of their older siblings with a sound academic education presented in a nurturing and caring Christian environment. The teachers who instruct our children show clearly that they practise the principles that are espoused by the school.

We have particularly appreciated the leadership that Mr Lindsay has shown in the time that our two youngest have been at the school. As parents that take a strong interest in the education of our children it is pleasing to find such solid spiritual and administrative leadership accompanied by an inclusive and caring approach to all the members of the school family.

The understanding and support shown to our children by class teachers as well those teachers involved with specialist activities such as sport and art has helped our children to feel at home at the school from their first days of attendance. The watchful eye and supportive words of the school chaplain have also been a great comfort to us as parents as well as providing sound guidance for the children.   

As a family we have seen a number of stages of the development of the St Andrew’s school. Two of our children were in the class that was the first year 12 class for St Andrew’s. Both of these children went on to university studies in their preferred fields and our son is now teaching High School children himself. The third of our older children has also completed her degree and is contemplating post graduate studies.

In terms of the built environment the school has certainly come a long way from the early days when our children first started at the Prince Street campus. All of the children have enjoyed the rural surroundings at Washpool Road and each stage of development has provided more opportunities and facilities for the children.

We believe that for us, with our needs, that St Andrew’s is the best education option to ensure that our children are taught in a way that supports the principles that we believe in and endeavour to apply in our own lives. We would encourage other parents and children who are looking for a school with a Christian basis and thoughtful and committed teachers to consider St Andrew’s Christian School when making their important education decisions.    

Geoff and Marion Kidd


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