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Letters from Families


Dear Mr Lindsay,


The role model that you and your school staff play in my childs life will build him into the man he will be for the rest of his life.  It is a life lesson he will never forget and I sincerely thank you and your staff for the strict discipline and leadership that was shown that day .


I have never witnessed such a positive, forgiving school environment in my life.  God truly works through you and your school.


Your sincerely


Tracey Marsden



Hi Mac and friends from St Andrew's

I know that from time to time you hear from ex-students of their progress and if you don't mind a little parental pride, you might be interested to hear of Alex's acceptance into a Masters of Philosophy course at Oxford University (majoring in Old Testament theology and ancient languages. Alex speaks Hebrew and Aramaic fluently despite not doing a language at high school after Year 7!

The great news is that Alex has been awarded the Clarendon Scholarship to Oxford that covers course costs, accommodation and living expenses. 

Alex spent Years 3-9 in Grafton and rates St Andrew's as the best of the three schools he attended so the staff can take plenty of credit for where Alex is today. Small Christian schools achieve great things!


God bless to you all!

Ken & Leonie McCarron


Dear Mr Lindsay,


Thankyou and St Andrew's staff for the time and efforts that you have put into my children as they attended school there.  I know they carry many fond memories of St Andrew's and enjoyed many wonderful opportunites.


Cherie Onus



Dear Mr Lindsay,


On behalf of Paul & myself, I just wanted to say thank you so much for accepting Sam into your school.


The teachers and staff have made his transition such a smooth and happy one and we are so very grateful.


When we came away from our first interview with you, I knew Sam had made the right decision to not only return to school, but to come to St. Andrew's. Your genuine care and interest in Sam and your respect for him shone instantly and I know that meant the world to him. I could see in Sam straight away that this feeling was mutual.


In the short few months we have been a part of your school community, Sam has never had a greater sense of direction and focus. Not just academically, but socially and spiritually.


His teachers are incredibly encouraging of Sam and the relationships he is building with some of the students and teachers will I'm sure, remain with him for a lifetime.


To you and your wonderful teachers and staff, we humbly thank you.

Tracey Marsden



Dear Mr Lindsay,


My daughter Tracie and myself were fortunate enough to be in attendance at your schools recent Swimming Carnival.  I am writing this short note of appreciation to you and your staff on the manner in which it was conducted.


The example set by yourself and your staff was outstanding to say the least.  I myself have been involved in events like this over the years with my own three children when they were young.  I could not fault the sportsmanship shown by your school, to the extent of the senior boys running along the pool  to encourage the young ones.  Two of your senior studentd (they know who they are) jumped in the pool with the young ones to lend even more encouragement.  Congradulations boys your families must be so proud of you!


The way your children acted at the carnival, and the way they act at school can only be atributed to the example set by you and your staff.  Know  that all your hard work  
is paying off and you are bringing forth, from St Andrew's, young men and women we can all be proud of.


God bless you all

Gloria Seymour - Grandmother 

Tracie O'Connell - Aunty 

Dear Mr Lindsay

Our three children Josh, Megan and Nicholas have loved being students at St Andrew’s Christian School over the past eight years.

As parents we chose St Andrew’s for the Christian based education and caring staff.  The school environment, grounds and facilities are spacious and welcoming.  We appreciate being part of a small School Community

Leanne and Graham Taylor



Dear Mr Lindsay

I have found that this school is a fantastic place for my kids (not to mention myself) as it is very family orientated, everyone is treated as a person not a number as we found with another school.

Not often do you find a school with caring teachers and staff who will call you with concerns or worries (especially if a child is unwell) to see how they/you are.

I love the fact that it’s a small school in a beautiful rural setting.

The Day Family



Dear Mr Lindsay

St Andrew's has been such an amazing blessing in my life, and I wish I could have spent my entire schooling life at this school.

I started at St Andrew's in Year 10 and for the next three years I was part of an amazing school with a wonderful environment, warm-hearted staff and teachers and a place that motivated me to always try my best because I was always surrounded by God's love.

The school was like a home for me, and everyone at the school was part of a very large family - God's family!  I always felt safe at school and very cared for and I was always commended on my efforts both in the classroom and out.

It was such a joy to be worship leader on a Friday morning assembly - I felt I could really reach out to others in the school with the lyrics that conveyed how much God loves us and that he holds our future in his hands.

Every morning I looked forward to school and every day was different from the rest.  I have made life-long friends and I am so grateful that I changed school because it was the best move I have every made!

It is definitely going to be a place I will miss, but never forget.  Definitely a school to send your children to if you want them to have utmost support in their education.

Lisa Butcher - 2008 School Captain



Dear Mr Lindsay,


As the Presiding Officer for St Andrew's Christian School recent School Certificate Examinations, I was impressed by the great attitude, enthusiasm and comeraderie displayed by each member of the class, as well as their prompt obedience to any instructions given.  They have truely made this examination period a pleasure for myself and the other supervisors.


Yours sincerely

Lynda Ohlmus - Presiding Officer St Andrew's Christain School



Dear School,

I write to thank you for the wonderful education that you have provided for Grace and my three boys.

We are sad to be leaving St Andrew's, it has been a wonderful school for my children.

Please thank the staff, they have been so supportive and wonderful christian teachers.


Yours sincerely

Suzanne Tadj


 Dear Mr Lindsay

We choose to send our two children to St Andrew's Christian School because the values and principals taught within the school are what we teach at home.  The warm environment of St Andrew's Christian School is one of caring and acceptance of all students whatever their background.  We believe the school provides a solid foundation for learning and for life.

Marcel & Racael Koning

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