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2019 Year 4/5 Stationery List

Essential Texts to be purchased from the school office separate to tuition fees (to be paid within the first week): Maths Plus text book, Maths Plus Mental and Homework book, Spelling Mastery Text book (at the appropriate level), Maths Pack (included are 5 whiteboard markers, 10 lead pencils, and a plastic swipe and wipe board).



5 A4 Books (64 pages)

2 A4 Books (96 pages)

2 48 page exercise books

2 large Scrapbooks



2 plastic press button wallet type folders

1 large zip-up pencil case

4 rectangular Erasers

1 pencil Sharpener with Shavings Container

1 hard plastic 30cm ruler

4 Blue/black/red/green BIC Biros (Year 5 only)

3 Blue rub-out pens (Year 4 only)

3 red pens (Year 4 only)

1 coloured Pencils (12)

1 texta pack (12)

1 scissors – Left or Right Handed

2 glue Sticks - large

2 highlighter Pens - 2 Colours

1 Maths set (Year 5 only – containing Protractor and compass)



1 Library Bag (Can be purchased from the school) Students are only able to borrow if they have a library bag.

2 Boxes of Tissues (to be collected at first roll call and stored for use throughout the year)

1 box of medium Ziploc bags

1 Pair Stereo Earphones for ICT-earmuff style

1 USB memory stick for ICT

White out is not permitted. Additional stationery can be placed in a clear & labelled plastic clip lock bag to be stored for students to use later in the year.

Please Note: Ensure all pencils are sharpened. All text books and exercise books are to be covered and clearly labelled with the child’s name and subjects as follows:


Exercise books: Tests, Indonesian.

A4 Books 64 pages: Maths, Science, Christian Studies/PDHPE, Grammar, Writing.

A4 Books 96 pages: H.S.I.E., Comprehension.

Scrapbooks: Homework Semester 1/Semester 2

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